The cloud based Ping Sharp Analytics Platform provides accurate real-time data, giving you the tools to study both customer and employee behavior. This actionable data allows you to optimize your business in a variety of ways:

The cloud based Ping Sharp Analytics Platform provides accurate real-time data, giving you the tools to study both customer and employee behavior.

Build customer loyalty and encourage repeat business by enhancing your guest’s experience

Manage your labor expenses better by tracking employee productivity

Improve budgeting by increasing operational efficiency

Save money by preventing asset loss and theft

Boost visitor engagement by optimizing floor layouts

Enhance guest experience

Target your customers better

Track employee productivity

Create operational efficiencies

Optimize floor layouts

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Analytics Use Cases

Heat Maps

Using Ping Sharp’s real-time heat map, you can find out where your customers and employees are spending their time. Analyze factors such as velocity, density, dwell times, and visitation frequencies to produce actionable data, and optimize your operational efficiency.

You can also determine both underutilized and over utilized areas of your venue, then make data driven decisions on floor layouts and space pricing for increased profit.

Campaign Analytics

Ping Sharp’s real-time campaign analytics allows you to see which marketing messages are resonating with customers, and are driving the most revenue. You can then seamlessly tweak your messaging, and increase your profits with highly-targeted, data-driven marketing strategies.

Customer Segmentation

Ping Sharp also allows you to analyze customer behavior for better segmentation. You can separate window shoppers from buyers so that you’re always targeting the most profitable visitors, and driving greater revenue streams.

Customer Targeting

With visitation-data-driven ads, you get the advantage that online businesses have: knowing your customers’ wants and needs so that you can offer them a personalized experience at your venue. This level of customer targeting is like Google AdSense for physical locations, allowing you to create highly effective ads that appeal directly to the demographic most receptive to them.

Get Complete End-to-End Service with Ping Sharp!

Get Complete End-to-End Service!

Here at Ping Sharp, we deliver full indoor positioning system services for your venue. Our services include:

We deliver full Indoor Positioning System, the service includes:

Hardware and software

3D or 2D digital maps

App design and development

Back office

Analytics tools

Installation and deployment

Ongoing support

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Custom Created Geolocation Apps for Your Business

Ping Sharp’s mission is to provide you with a fully functional indoor-outdoor positioning system that enables indoor turn-by-turn navigation, location-based messaging, and analytics. This helps you to save money, boost profits, and improve the experience of your clients, customers, employees, or students.

With the Ping Sharp Indoor Positioning System you get:

Wireless Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons

A custom designed mobile application installed on a user’s iOS, or Android smartphone, that scans Bluetooth beacon signals in the vicinity and calculates a user’s location based on those signals

The system server, deployed in the cloud

Web-based back office for management of the system by an administrator/client

Web-based analytics dashboards or the raw data through API

Web-based push and geo zone messaging platform

We turn client’s CAD drawings, PDFs, or images into feature-rich indoor maps

We install the system and provide ongoing support



Ping Sharp, Inc. was awarded
U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF)
Innovation Corps (I-CorpsTM) Grant

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Ping Sharp – Your Go-To Provider for Indoor Positioning Systems

Based in Las Vegas, NV, Ping Sharp, Inc. is a provider of indoor positioning systems. We help you boost profits by offering an enhanced customer experience using the latest real-time indoor navigation technology, location based messaging, and analytics. We work with hospitality, entertainment, retail, conventions, and other industries that utilize large buildings.
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